With Woody Harrelson guest-hosting ‘SNL,’ it was inevitable that the show would break out the ‘True Detective’ jokes at some point. After all, few modern shows have grabbed pop culture by the collective lapels and shaken them so much quite like this HBO series, which saw Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey playing cops investigating a freaky, ritualistic murder. Since the second season of the show will feature a brand new cast and storyline, Weekend Update invited Harrelson and McConaughey to chat about their experience filming season one and to offer advice for everyone joining the show for season two. (Of course, McConaughey is played by the wonderful Taran Killam, but it’s close enough!)

Although Killam’s McConaughey isn’t quite as revelatory as the one Jim Carrey pulled off a few weeks ago, it’s a very strong, very funny impression, capturing the actor’s charming drawl and penchant for amusing rambling. The best bits involve him twisting the dark philosophizing of his ‘True Detective’ character with other McConaughey references, including a great bit that manages to combine “time is a flat circle” and ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.’

Harrelson doesn’t have as much to offer the scene, but just like on HBO, his job is to act normal while his co-star postures and goes nuts. If anything, Harrelson seems to be really enjoying Killam’s work, which in turn, makes us like it even more.