It's hard being a medium budget non-studio films these days. You really have to bring it to get any exposure at all, and you're more than likely to hit VOD instead of theatrical. That may be why 'Solomon Kane' sat in a can for three years. Though it opened internationally in 2009, it won't play stateside until later this year.

And that's on September 28, a full month after it hits VOD on August 24. We saw the film in 2009 and thought it was good, better than most films set in the period, and that it captured the flavor of the Robert E. Howard source material, but then it disappeared. Long enough for co-star Pete Postlethwaite to pass away in the interim. But the film now (finally) has a release date and just screened at Comic-Con 2012, so this looks solid.

And in the scheme of things, it didn't sit around as long as some. 'Margaret' was released last year after having been shot in 2005, while 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane' was completed and released internationally in 2006, but still hasn't hit theaters stateside. So in the "in the can" scheme of things, 'Solomon Kane' sat around as long as Eddie Murphy's 'A Thousand Words' which was filmed in 2008 and released earlier this year.