Sony kept the physical PlayStation 4 console hidden during its February announcement event, but in a few weeks, the world will finally see what Sony's got in store for the design of its next generation system. There's another big reveal going down this week with one of Sony's main competitors, so to make sure you're still thinking about the PS4, Sony has released a new video teasing the look of its next big thing.

It's not a very exciting video, but the team that put it together certainly knows how to hype up a product. So much concern was spent worrying about the look of the PlayStation 4 in the days after the announcement, the system itself was almost overshadowed. That definitely won't be the case after E3, when the hard, angular console finally makes its way to the viewing public.

For the most part, the PlayStation 4 is blurred out, but quick cuts show off the controller, vents, PS logo, and the edges of the console. It's tough to approximate just what the PS4 will look like based on these all too brief images, but we can definitely narrow it down to a black box with edges. We may be reaching a bit, but we're sticking to our guns on that prediction.

You can check out the teaser below, and let us know if you're excited to see the system for the first time.