While 'Spartacus: War of the Damned' will close out the series and potentially franchise with tomorrow night's series finale event "Victory," series creator Steven S. DeKnight is already hard at work on a new sci-fi series for Starz, the 'Alien' and 'Halo' inspired 'Incursion.' Relatively little was known about the new project before now, so hear what DeKnight has to say about the epic new sci-fi series and its Ripley-like female lead!

'Spartacus' days might have come to a close, but that doesn't mean series creator Steven S. DeKnight will lose his unique voice on the Starz channel. DeKnight's next project 'Incursion' will take him from the sands of Rome to the deepest reaches of outer space, focusing on a platoon of futuristic soldiers, both male and female, as they fight interstellar wars from the ground.

Starz has yet to officially greenlight the series, while DeKnight remains hopeful it will move forward, citing to the Huffington Post an influence from James Cameron and the 'Alien' films. "Nobody does future military better than James Cameron: His designs are just brilliant, and we definitely wanted to push that even to the next level." Characters from the platoon will be male and female alike, with little attention drawn to same-sex relationships, while keeping distinctly Ripley-like female lead.

It's an R-rated, military show set in the future [and they're] fighting aliens on different planets. If you love things like 'Halo,' 'Band of Brothers,' 'Black Hawk Down,' that kind of thing, then I think you'll really enjoy this show.

With each proposed season taking place on a different planet, DeKnight also points out that extraterrestrial life would be largely CG or practical effect, eschewing the prosthetic make-up approach. As for whether or not Starz will green-light such an epic project, "It is a massive, massive undertaking with many moving parts, because we are really trying to build a feature-level epic," DeKnight said. All the design work is "just incredibly time-consuming, so getting that green light is taking a little longer than it normally would."

DeKnight hopes the series could make it to air by 2014, but what say you? Would you be interested in checking out 'Incursion' after 'Spartacus' airs its finale tomorrow?