Bill Murray often goes out of his way to avoid being cast in movies, so his very presence as the lead role in 'St. Vincent' is enough to get us interested. It helps that the new trailer sells a movie that looks like a white trash version of a Wes Anderson movie and we mean that as a compliment.

The set up is a little twee and familiar, but the cast looks capable of selling it. Murray stars as an overgrown slob who is aghast when a new family moves in next door. Naturally, he's first repulsed by the mother (Melissa McCarthy) and her adorable, quirky spawn, but he quickly grows attached, becomes an unlikely father figure and learns just as many valuable life lessons as he teaches. Also on hand: the wonderful Chris O'Dowd as a teacher in a Catholic school and Naomi Watts playing a stripper with some kind of Eastern European accent.

And it all looks cute enough, we suppose. It's been a long time since we've seen Murray play a character this blue collar and disgusting (we've gotten so used to him as a dapper eccentric!) and it's been awhile since McCarthy hasn't played the trashiest person in every movie she appears in. This could be a giant sack of sentimental bull crap, but it could also be sweet and funny and charming and weird. We'll remain hopeful for the latter.

'St. Vincent' opens in theaters on October 24.