Sofia Boutella was one of the many highlights in Kingsman: The Secret Service, so we’re happy to hear about her getting cast in any other high-profile project. But Star Trek 3? That’s just cool news, plain and simple. Between this and the rumored casting of Idris Elba, Paramount and director Justin Lin look to be making some pretty bold choices as they expand their ensemble.

The news of Boutella’s casting comes to us via Deadline, but that’s all the details that are currently fit to print. We don’t know if she’ll be playing a good guy or a bad guy (or human or alien), but we’re sure it was her silent and vicious performance as Kingsman’s Gazelle that got her the part. If Idris Elba is playing a villainous Klingon in the movie, she’d make one helluva right-hand (wo)man, dishing out all kinds of destruction on the crew of the Enterprise. She’s got that physical menace thing down pat, with or without metal legs.

Or maybe she’s being cast against type and gets to hang out on the bridge of the Enterprise doing good. But who would want that? Let her loose!

The greatest gift J.J. Abrams gave the rebooted Star Trek series was the cast he assembled. Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and the rest of the crew are so good that they made the frequently unbearable Star Trek Into Darkness worth watching. Surely Paramount knows this, which is why someone as genuinely interesting as Boutella has nabbed a part.

Star Trek 3 will warp into theaters on July 8, 2016.