'Star Trek Into Darkness' Takes You Aboard the Updated Enterprise


'Star Trek Into Darkness' is coming to theaters this May 15 and will include a couple changes from J.J. Abrams' first run at the 'Star Trek' world. Aside from the new bloodthirsty villain and the 3D technology, the sequel will feature a new and improved Enterprise, and some new photos have been revealed to give you an up-close look.

When it's not plummeting towards Earth as it does in this poster and this trailer, the Enterprise is one of the most kick-ass and beloved ships in the science-fiction universe. But Scott Chambliss redesigned the bridge for 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' and Paramount wants you to see it.

io9 got the exclusive look through hi-res and extremely detailed photos of the new set. Take a look below at some of the shots, and for those with the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' app, you can scan the images and increase your rank in the Starfleet up to Admiral.

Paramount via io9
Paramount via io9
Paramount via io9
Paramount via io9
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