We don't know what actress Alice Eve is screaming in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' above but we know it's not "KHAAAAAAAAAN!" After denials from both 'Star Trek' stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg, Eve (who stars as Dr. Carol Marcus) is the latest 'Star Trek Into Darkness' cast member to deny that Khan is the villain. Are they telling the truth or is the longest con of all?

J.J. Abrams likes his secrets. We have heard there are some very, very big secrets at the heart of 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' But is one of those secrets that Benedict Cumberbatch is actually playing Khan, the classic 'Star Trek' villain? His character is officially titled "John Harrison" but that seems almost too generic to be real. Could it be that he's Khan?

Not so, says Alice Eve. She was asked on the BAFTA red carpet about the controversy and said matter of factly, "He's not playing Khan."

So there you have it! Nothing else to see here people. Of course, actors have a rich tradition of lying to protect secrets (see Marion Cotillard frequently asserting that she was not playing Talia Al Ghul in 'The Dark Knight Rises') so even with Eve, Pegg and Cumberbatch all going public with the notion that Khan is not in 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' we remain skeptical.

What do you think? Is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan? Do you even care?