The 'Star Wars' universe we once knew will soon be forever changed, hopefully for the better, thanks to Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. On the horizon is a new trilogy starting with 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' in addition to the recently announced 'Star Wars' spinoffs, which will focus on individual characters from the universe.

There's a lot to look forward to, but this shift also prompts us to look back on the original, George Lucas-helmed films, which have already been dissected to death at this point. However, for those casual fans who haven't read everything there is available on the beloved 'Star Wars' universe, we've highlighted some of the men, women and even children behind some of the most beloved 'Star Wars' characters.

Who was inside the Darth Vader suit while James Earl Jones lent his voice? Who donned the Chewbacca, Jawa, Tusken Raider, Admiral Ackbar, C-3PO and R2-D2 costumes? Scroll through these photos of unmasked 'Star Wars' characters to find out.

  • Chewbacca

    Peter Mayhew
    Lucasfilm/Getty Images
  • Yoda (voice)

    Frank Oz
    Lucasfilm/Getty Images
  • Yoda (puppet)

    Stuart Freeborn
  • C-3PO

    Anthony Daniels
    Lucasfilm/Getty Images
  • R2-D2

    Kenny Baker
    Lucasfilm/Getty Images
  • Darth Vader (costume)

    David Prowse
  • Boba Fett (costume)

    Jeremy Bulloch
  • The Emperor (voice, 'The Empire Strikes Back')

    Clive Revill
    Lucasfilm/American Broadcasting Companies
  • Admiral Ackbar

    Tim Rose
  • Jabba the Hutt (voice)

    Larry Ward
    Lucas Film/Fox Television Classics
  • Oola

    Femi Taylor
  • Wicket

    Warwick Davis
    Lucasfilm/Getty Images
  • Greedo

    Maria De Aragon
  • Bossk

    Alan Harris
  • Tusken Raider

    Peter Diamond
  • Wampa

    Des Webb

    Note: Des Webb was originally pegged to play the Wampa in 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.' However, the life-size suit was deemed too uncomfortable for the actor, which prompted Lucasfilm to commission a small hand puppet for the original version. Although, George Lucas would eventually expand that scene for later editions.

  • Jawa

    Frazer Diamond
  • Bib Fortuna

    Michael Carter
    Bib Fortuna Michael Carter
  • Teebo

    Jack Purvis
  • Max Rebo Cantina Alien

    Simon J. Williamson
  • Cantina Band Alien (created and played one)

    Jon Berg