Disney’s animated ‘Star Wars Rebels‘ series has garnered plenty of acclaim in only its first few episodes, exploring a previously-untapped era of the franchise and seemingly setting up a few major ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ plot points, but could Lucasfilm be planning an even bigger animated tie-in? A new rumor suggests ‘Rebels’ could eventually be supplanted by a new animated series, one explicitly set in the era of the newest ‘Star Wars‘ movies.

Take this one with a minor grain of salt for now, but according to Slashfilm, Disney and Lucasfilm have in mind to take ‘Star Wars Rebels’ through approximately three or four seasons (having already renewed it for a second), before debuting a new animated series of all-new characters, distinctly set within the timeline of the sequel ‘Star Wars’ trilogy.

According to the report, fans of all ages would be familiar enough with the new ‘Star Wars’ era by 2017 or 2018 to firmly shift all branches of the franchise into sequel territory, as Disney doesn’t technically own the rights to the original ‘Star Wars’ films that ‘Rebels’ lead into. Lucasflim itself predictably had no comment on the matter, though considering the secrecy of putting the first ‘Force Awakens’ trailer in only about 30 theaters overall, we can hardly be surprised by the secrecy.

What do you think? Would you want to see ‘Star Wars Rebels’ end after three or four seasons, if only to make room for a new animated venture set within the sequel trilogy era? How would you want to see the ‘Star Wars’ franchise handled outside of the films?