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If you are a human being (or maybe even a domesticated pet), you’ve undoubtedly seen the teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ You’ve probably even watched it more than once. J.J. Abrams’ upcoming installment in the beloved franchise is kind of a big deal, and according to this new interview with the director, he’s well aware of it. However nervous and anxious you are about ‘The Force Awakens,’ we assure you that Abrams is 10 times as nervous and anxious as you are.

In a new interview with MTV on the red carpet of the National Board of Review awards, Abrams was asked how he feels about the prospect of releasing perhaps the most anticipated film in recent history. Here’s what he had to say in the video above:

It is, without question, an intense and terrifying prospect. The opportunity, I think, is greater than the fear, greater than the risk. I’m more excited about the work that everyone has done in the movie and this incredible cast.

He may be terrified, but he’s also pretty excited, and goes on to describe the joy of working on the film with the cast and crew, the “amazing experience” of making ‘The Force Awakens,’ and the “weird buzz” in the air during filming.

Abrams declined to reveal when we’ll see more footage or a full trailer for the film, though it’s been speculated that fans attending the ‘Star Wars’ Celebration event in April will get a sneak peek, and a full trailer will likely be attached to ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ which hits theaters on May 1.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is scheduled for release on December 18.