Just last week, Disney announced an open casting call for 'Star Wars Episode 7,' looking for teenagers in major cities across the country to join the cast of J.J. Abrams' upcoming film. And now we're getting a little more of an idea about what they're looking for with this casting tidbit that says the production is looking to fill the shoes of a military officer role -- but it's 'Star Wars,' so shouldn't there be several of those? 

THR reports that Abrams is looking for a military officer character in his 40s, someone similar to Matt Damon's character in 'Elysium' -- we're assuming in stature and demeanor. And now we can all mindlessly speculate about what this means for the film! A military officer in his 40s! Maybe he's got three days until retirement and he gets roped into some intergalactic warfare at the last minute.

The news comes on the heels of the national casting call seeking young men and women to play smart, athletic, and independent "major roles" in the upcoming sequel. Abrams recently ditched the script by Michael Arndt to rewrite it with Lawrence Kasdan (who worked on the original trilogy) and this new character is believed to be part of the new rewrites.

Expect to here more casting news in coming weeks as Disney has remained committed to their December, 2015 release date.