Steve Carell is a man of many talents -- just look at his acting range -- but his prodigious gifts are not just limited to his work on the screen. This is a guy who can do everything with style, grace, and humor -- like catching grapes in his mouth on national television and weaving a believable tale about his molting pet salamander Anderson Cooper.

Carell hit 'The Tonight Show' last night to chat up his latest film, the family-friendly 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,' but talk soon turned to his other abilities, including one that he shows off (quite unexpectedly) in the feature: a finely tuned ability to catch flying food in his mouth. Host Jimmy Fallon couldn't resist testing Carell's skills (who could blame him?), and the results were amusing. Not content to wow the audience with just his "eye-shrimp coordination," Carell then dominated a fresh round of Fallon's 'Word Sneak.'

What can't this guy do?