Steve Carell is definitely keeping busy. We've already heard that he's in the upcoming 'Anchorman 2,' but Warner Brothers just picked up a movie for him to star in with 'New Girl's' Jake Johnson. The film already has a director in Max Winkler, and a pitch from Rodney Rothman, what it doesn't have is a title.

From the Deadline report, this looks to be a fairly standard package deal where all the main players are in place so they can get a green light, even though there is no script. Writer Rodney Rothman's been busy lately, as we just noted that he has a film in development with Seth Rogen and Kevin Hart playing buddy cops, and now this.

Max Winkler (yes, the son of Henry) recently directed 'Ceremony,' which was nicely received by critics, and not seen by many audiences. This then would be the big time for the relative newcomer. Max should make a movie with writer Max Landis and actor Max Minghelia just for fun.

Carell has handled his 'Office' departure fairly well - but he signed on for that show just as 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin' turned him into a leading man. After that he balanced the show and his on-screen work fairly well, but now that he doesn't have his television safety net (and doesn't have to go back to the day job, as it were) it will be interesting to see what choices he makes.