Before he was the screenwriter of the critically acclaimed 'Stoker,' Wentworth Miller was the lead actor on 'Prison Break,' which is definitive proof that yes, it is entirely possible to completely reinvent yourself in Hollywood. And it looks like Miller's movie writing career is just getting started: he's been hired to adapt the upcoming Richard Parker novel 'Scare Me' for Relativity Media.

Although the book isn't due to hit shelves until late next month, the official synopsis sounds like something with some pretty extreme cinematic potential. Heck, the whole thing reads like a treatment for a teaser trailer rather than something you'd find on the inside of a dust jacket:

“When did you last google yourself?”

Wealthy businessman, Will Frost, gets woken in the middle of the night by an anonymous caller, asking him exactly this.

When Will goes online, he finds a website has been set up in his name, showing photographs of the inside of his home, along with photographs of six houses he’s never seen before.

In the first of these strange houses, a gruesome murder has already taken place.

Will is then told that his own family is in mortal danger.

The only way he can keep them safe is to visit each of the houses on the website in person – before the police discover what has happened there.

Seven houses.

Seven gruesome homicides.

Seven chances to save his daughter’s life…

It's an intriguing premise for sure and considering just how dark 'Stoker' got, we hope Miller can deliver a script that lives up to the tone set by that synopsis. We'll surely get more of a taste of what to expect when Parker's novel arrives, but you can certainly consider us intrigued by this one. Toss in a great director and a solid lead actor and you've got the recipe for an excellent little thriller.