Last night's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "LARP and the Real Girl" skewed more toward the fun side of the series, re-recruiting geek goddess Felicia Day for a full-on cosplaying adventure, but next Wednesday's "As Time Goes By" will see the Winchesters get back to business. The boys are faced with a mysterious visitor (Gil McKinney) who emerges from their closet, and reveals a surprising familial connection as he searches for John Winchester to help hunt a demon. So what does the latest clip from the episode reveal? Get a sneak peek of 'Supernatural's "As Time Goes By" inside!

The Winchester brothers of 'Supernatural' have endured plenty of time-traveling in their day, but rarely find themselves on the receiving end. That all changes next Wednesday with all-new episode "As Time Goes By," where the boys come face to face with their paternal Grandfather Henry Winchester, who travels to 2013 from the year 1958 in search of his son John!

As we see from The CW's first official clip of the episode, Sam and Dean are naturally wary of the mysterious man who tumbled out of their closet, and doesn't immediately identify himself. The man seems more than capable of handling himself, but how will the three fare when faced against the demon Abbadon, who follows John into the year 2013?

Check out a clip from next Wednesday's all-new 'Supernatural' episode "As Time Goes By" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!