‘Supernatural’ season 7 scares up its sixteenth episode of the season, as Sam and Dean investigate a bevy of cursed objects that plague Portland, and investigate what it might have to do with Dick Roman and the Leviathans' master plans.

Last month’s ‘Supernatural’ “Repo Man” saw Sam and Dean investigating a formerly demon-possessed man who seemed to have snapped and begun committing actual crimes while Lucifer tortured Sam,  so what will the latest episode bring?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Supernatural’ “Out With the Old!”

In  an evening dance class, a number of girls vacate a studio for a young dancer named Irina, who practices on her own.  Her dancing quickly gets out of control however, and the poor janitor discovers that this girl has danced her feet off in a shower of blood, killing her!  Say what?

The next day, Sam and Dean pick up the case while talking to Frank about Dick Roman’s latest ventures, and Sam seems especially worse for wear given a recent lack of sleep, still plagued by visions of Lucifer.  Sam and Dean make their way to the Portland police station, where an evidence clerk’s young daughter has found herself possessed by the cursed shoes!  Sam and Dean manage to wrestle them off of her, but not before Dean accidentally touching them taints him with the magic as well.

Before Dean can dance himself to death, they manage to bring the shoes and a number of other cursed objects back to the antique store they were sold from, to a man named Scott Freeman who inherited the items from his mother.  Scott’s mother seems to have died under mysterious circumstances however, as she’d recently sold her land to a realtor seemingly buying up everything on the street, Joyce Bicklebee.  Bicklebee and her dour assistant George quickly prove not to be what they seem however, revealing themselves as Leviathans willing to kill and assume anyone’s appearance to get possession of their land.

Joyce sends George out for her very specific coffee, while Sam nearly kills himself falling asleep at the wheel, and Dean learns the the realty company is gobbling up property, and secretly belongs to the Dick Roman corporation.  In a stroke of chance, George notices Sam buying coffee, and informs Joyce, who insists on eating the brothers herself rather than support her underling.  After Dean catches Sam up on what’s happened (taking a moment to appreciate the invisible Lucifer torturing his brother with his rendition of “Stairway to Heaven”), the real estate Leviathan calls Sam and Dean to Scott Freeman’s store under a ruse.

They arrive to find Scott tied up, but in brawling with the two Leviathans, George insists on helping Sam beat him up, even going as far as to aid Dean in beheading Joyce with a sword!  Once Dean and Sam get Scott safely out of there, George reveals that he wanted Joyce dead out of hatred, not any care to help Sam and Dean.  However, he does manage to reveal the supposed answer to what Dick Roman is doing with all his land grabs!  He claims the land is for research faclilties to cure Cancer, as supposedly the Leviathans are only here to help.

Confused by the latest turn of events, Sam and Dean head out on the open read again, where Sam finally catches some sleep.  When they arrive at Frank’s trailer however, they find it trashed and covered in blood.  Uh-oh…

Oh, those wily Winchester brothers.  Could the Leviathans really be looking to aid humanity by curing cancer, or are they just cleaning up their meals before they eat them?  How will Castiel come back into play when Misha Collins returns to the series?  And what, if any other songs might be in Lucifer's repertoire to torture poor Sammy with?  I'd go with some nice Adele!

Did you get your fill of 'Supernatural' action?  What did you think about the episode? Join us next week for an all-new episode recap of ‘Supernatural’ Misha Collins-returning event “The Born-Again Identity” on The CW!