There is no right or wrong answer for how long a TV show should endure, on any network.  'Community' may have set a standard with "six seasons and a movie," but plenty of series stand just fine with two, or three, or even ten.  Hell, at least some form of 'Law & Order' is still going!  So with 'Supernatural' about to head into its eighth season, how long is the series prepared to run? 

Fans of 'Supernatural' likely know that series creator and former show-runner Eric Kripke originally intended for the chronicles of the Winchester Brothers to last through five seasons, keeping true to his word and departing his role after those five years.  Former EP Sera Gamble carried the show through its next few years, but now new show-runner Jeremy Carver reportedly has a plan to take the show through a tenth season, doubling Eric Kripke's original vision.

Speaking to Screenrant at Comic-Con 2012, Carver revealed that the eighth season (debuting Wednesdays this fall) would set in motion a plan to carry through to the end of a tenth season, matching the duration of The CW's other WB-era hold-over 'Smallville.'  Says Carver:

We really are building some foundation for a storyline that can carry us on for at least a few more years. There’s a note card in my office that says “The end of season 10” right there.

I have that note card; that note card exists in fantasy right now. I don’t know if there’s going to be a season 10 but, you know, that’s what keeps me getting up in the morning.

As one of The CW's most popular series, it seems likely that the show could have the ratings strength to make it through a tenth season, but no official announcements have been made.  And hey, 'Smallville' certainly picked up from its critical decline in later seasons, so who's to say that 'Supernatural' won't have the same luck?

We've included the video below, so check it out and tell us what you think about the next three season of 'Supernatural' in the comments!