30 Rock

Uh-Oh, Is Alec Baldwin Leaving NBC for Good?
Far be it for any of us to assume that social media is the be-all end-all of decision-making and impassioned actions, but it looks like NBC might have another one of their favored sitcoms in hot water after Alec Baldwin seems to have been pushed to the point of no return by his latest scandals.
’30 Rock’ Review: “Nothing Left To Lose”
This week's '30 Rock' seemed to be tightly reigned in, and devoid of most of the traditional shenaniganry (and we're not exactly sure that's a word, but it certainly applies to '30 Rock'). Jenna's antic's were toned down, Tracy was well-behaved, and I think the only "wacky" moment in the w…
’30 Rock’ Returns Elizabeth Banks for May Sweeps
As the whirlwind promotion for 'The Hunger Games' begins settling down (like it even needs it anymore), it looks like Elizabeth Banks finally has enough time on her hands to bring a resolution to one of '30 Rock's most-enduring mysteries?  Mysteries?  That's right,…
’30 Rock’ Review: “The Shower Principle”
We join our intrepid heroine Liz Lemon on April 14th, as she gets called 'predictable' by her accountant, which might be the most depressing thing that can happen to a person. We're treated to flashbacks that highlight just how repetitive her life seems to be getting, before the theme song break tra…

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