‘Prometheus’ Featurette Focuses On Origins
The featurettes, TV spots and images are starting to roll in for the upcoming science fiction film 'Prometheus,' and each one reveals a bit more about the Damon Lindelof-written story that has managed to stay a secret since shooting last year. Now a brand new featurette reveals even more a…
‘Prometheus’ is Officially Rated R
It's been unclear up until now if Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' -- the semi-prequel to 'Alien' -- would be rated R or PG-13. But today we can put the speculating to rest as Fox has released confirmation that the film has indeed been handed an R rating.
‘Prometheus’ Already Setting Records In The U.K.
We might end up remember 2012 as the year all of our box-office records were shattered. ‘The Hunger Games’ knocked out a few key records on March. ‘The Avengers’ appears ready to test a few worldwide records. And overseas, though we’re stil…
‘Prometheus’ Screenwriting Featurette Unearths New Footage
Fox really wants you guys to see this movie. 'Prometheus' isn't a hard sell to fans of Ridley Scott's original 'Alien' film (and the three sequels that followed), but for general audiences unfamiliar with 'Alien' or unaware of the threads 'Prometheus' shares with it, the dark sci-fi film might be a …

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