Adam Devine

‘Workaholics’ Likely to End With Season 7 in 2017

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 6, 2016 @ 7:53 PM
Comedy Central
By now, the cast of Comedy Central’s Workaholics has made the leap to movies (and back) on more than a few occasions, but with a seventh season looming for the workplace comedy, an end seems inevitable. The cast appears to agree, as Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson see Season 7 as the likely endpoint for the TelAmeriCorp boys.

‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’ Trailer Sends Four Stars to Hawaii

by Charles Bramesco February 8, 2016 @ 9:32 AM
Destination weddings are, by anyone’s measure, the absolute worst. You shell out big-ass cash money to fly to some far-flung corner of the tropics, just to bear witness to someone else’s happiness? A vacation you take as a favor to someone else, the destination wedding is the scourge of the social calendar, but Adam DeVine and Zac Efron inadvertently stumble upon the perfect antidote to the lameness in the newly revealed trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. As the title may suggest, the brothers Mike (DeVine) and Dave (Efron) Stangle need wedding dates. What they get is more than either had bargained for.

‘The Final Girls’ Trailer: The Ultimate Camp Slasher Movie

by Britt Hayes August 21, 2015 @ 7:30 PM
Not to be confused with the upcoming horror film Final Girl (which does not look very good), The Final Girls is a charming and clever ode to camp slasher movies, and the first trailer lays that charm on pretty thick. A metatextual homage to classic horror, The Final Girls follows in the footsteps of Scream (but way funnier) and The Cabin in the Woods (but more heartfelt).

'Workaholics' Movie in Development from Stars and Producers?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 4, 2013 @ 2:45 PM
Comedy Central
Comedy Central slacker comedy 'Workaholics' has steadily grown in popularity from its 2011 debut to the point where the cable network ordered fourth and fifth seasons to begin airing in 2014, while the stars made regular rounds at Comic-Con. But has the comedy team behind the series begun work on a feature-length adaptation?

'Modern' Family Season 5 Adds 'Workaholics' Star Adam Devine

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 8, 2013 @ 1:56 PM
ABC / Comedy Central
'Workaholics' star and co-creator Adam Devine has been popping up in mainstream comedy more and more, from recent turns in both season 4 of 'Arrested Development' and 'Community,' as well as on the big screen in 'Pitch Perfect.' Now, the Comedy Central star will take what could be his biggest network gig yet in the upcoming fifth season of ABC Emmy-hoarder 'Modern Family.'