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‘Baywatch’ Trailer: More Intentional Comedy, Same Amount of Slo-Mo Running

by Charles Bramesco March 22, 2017 @ 9:33 AM
It’s weird — with every new trailer, the upcoming big-screen reboot of beloved ‘90s TV series Baywatch appears to get a little bit better. The first trailer promised a lightly amusing clone of the smart-alecky 21 Jump Street reboot, the second trailer advertised a competently-produced action tentpole with a healthy sprinkling of meta humor, and now, the so-called “official” trailer (does that make the first two unofficial?) teases what appears to be a sincerely funny comedy. At the very least, whoever cut this thing made it abundantly clear that stars Zac Efron and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson have more chemistry than an eighth-grade science class.

New ‘Baywatch’ Posters Take a Cue from ‘Game of Thrones,’ Assure Us ‘Summer Is Coming’

by Emma Stefansky January 24, 2017 @ 5:13 PM
Much like the warmer seasons, that Baywatch movie continues to come at us right on schedule. A new series of character posters copies one very well-known Game of Thrones phrase almost verbatim, but tweaks it juuust a little bit. Dwayne Johnson and his lifeguard crew are here to assure us that “summer is coming,” and Baywatch is coming right along with it.

Slow-Motion Run, Don’t Walk, to the First ‘Baywatch’ Trailer

by Charles Bramesco December 8, 2016 @ 8:41 AM
It has become increasingly apparent that the best thing a revival of a tired ‘80s pop-culture artifact can be is the neo-21 Jump Street, judging by the new trailer for the Dwayne Johnson-fronted Baywatch. The parallels are striking: we’ve got the central odd couple in the Rock’s bombastic beach hero and Zac Efron’s hard-partying young gun, light meta touches about “reviving the brand,” some playful winks to the core goofiness of the source material (the “why does she always look like she’s running in slow motion?” line may be the best of the clip), even a scene where our heroes are dressed down by a furious black cop. You may call it derivative, but I call it a good start.

‘Baywatch’ Photo Introduces Dwayne Johnson’s Squad

by Britt Hayes March 30, 2016 @ 7:40 PM
It’s not enough to inspire #SquadGoals, but at least the cast of Baywatch looks like they’re having a blast in the latest photo update from Dwayne Johnson. The actor shows off his new squad, and sure, this could be a photo from the Baywatch set — or it could be the centerfold in a Macy’s summer catalogue. Baywatch Squadgate 2016, you be the judge

‘Baywatch’ Photo Reunites Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario

by Britt Hayes March 9, 2016 @ 5:35 PM
Alexandra Daddario was the first female actor to join Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron’s R-rated Baywatch shenanigans, but she’s been curiously absent from Johnson’s growing collection of set photos on Instagram. Don’t worry, San Andreas fans (all four of you), Daddario has officially suited up and reunited with her co-star for the upcoming film based on the classic ’90s series.

Alexandra Daddario Joins Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson in ‘Baywatch’ Reboot

by Charles Bramesco November 18, 2015 @ 11:02 AM
Getty Images
Last week, Deadline reported that Paramount’s planned Baywatch reboot film starring none other than Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson has begun to run screen tests in search of a worthy leading lady to bound pendulously down the beach alongside him. Among...

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Baywatch’ Movie Tests Out Some Leading Ladies

by Britt Hayes November 9, 2015 @ 5:17 PM
We weren’t really interested in a Baywatch movie until Dwayne Johnson got involved — then again, Johnson’s name can guarantee our interest in just about anything. The upcoming big screen version of the classic ’90s TV series is also set to star Zac Efron, and has recently begun its search for some leading ladies. Paramount has reportedly tested a handful of actresses, including one that has some experience working with The Rock already.

‘Burying the Ex’ Trailer: Anton Yelchin’s Girlfriend Comes Back From the Dead

by Britt Hayes April 6, 2015 @ 5:49 PM
Burying the Ex comes from the wacky mind of Joe Dante, known for films like Gremlins (and its sequel) and Small Soldiers. His latest effort once again marries horror with comedy in what appears to be a fun examination of the ways our past relationships hang over us as we pursue new ones. The first trailer has landed online, complete with zombie ex-girlfriends, green vomit and Anton Yelchin’s facial hair.

Update: Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Testing Alexandra Daddario, Krysten Ritter and More, Plus ‘Luke Cage’ Choices!

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 19, 2014 @ 2:46 PM
Marvel Comics / Frazer Harrison-Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images
Marvel’s Netflix ‘Defenders’ have only been seen through brief glimpses at the forthcoming ‘Daredevil’ TV series, but with ‘Jessica Jones’ to follow, casting news couldn’t be long behind. ‘True Detective’ breakout Alexandra Daddario, Krysten Ritter and more are reportedly under consideration for Marvel’s newest female superhero, plus, find out who’s testing for the role of ‘Luke Cage’!

'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Review

by James Rocchi August 6, 2013 @ 6:00 PM
When 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief' came out in 2010, it looked suspiciously as if the would-be franchise, based on Rick Riordan's best-selling teen adventure books, was going to get 'Golden Compass'-ed -- stopped after one installment and left to languish. But the first adventures of title hero Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) -- born to a mortal mother and the Greek God Poseidon made $226 million worldwide, never mind home video.
So, we get a second helping of Percy's adventures, which mix the home-away-from-home setting and grow-up-fast themes of 'Harry Potter' with some all-American gumption and a little Greek dressing on the side. With a new writer and director -- and what seems like a budget spent more on computer effects than human actors -- 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' is exactly the kind of film that was made for me to take my teen and tween nieces to, not for me to enjoy. There's some bloodless peril, not even a whiff of romance and plenty of spirited action.