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‘Arrow’ Not Interested in Returning ‘Constantine’ to Any CW Shows

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 12, 2016 @ 10:10 AM
The CW
The Arrow-verse may feel a bit busier than usual this year, to add both Supergirl and a host of other DC heroes and villains to the ranks. Unfortunately, that crowded feeling might push Matt Ryan’s John Constantine to the fringe, as Arrow bosses have no plans to return the character in any capacity just yet.

‘Arrow’ Producer Debunks Batman, Batwoman Rumors for CW Shows

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 11, 2016 @ 9:31 PM
The CW / Warner Bros.
Supergirl may have broken down the wall keeping major DC heroes like Superman off of TV, but despite recent rumors, no one from the Bat-family will be joining the Arrow-verse anytime soon. Executive producer Greg Berlanti shoots down recent speculation, as well that they’d even tried to bring Bruce Wayne to Star City.

‘Arrow’ Confirms Dolph Lundgren Big Bad for Final Flashback Season

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 11, 2016 @ 2:17 PM
The CW / Lionsgate
We’ve known for some time the likelihood that Arrow would end its flashback cycle altogether with Season 5, but however much flack the format gets, they’re going out with bang. Ivan Drago himself, Dolph Lundgren must break the Arrow, guesting as a major new big bad for the season.

CW Sets ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’ DC Series, Will Cast for Live-Action

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 11, 2016 @ 12:36 PM
CW Seed
Just as The CW’s Arrow-verse births a new Vixen, so too is her comic progenitor about to have some company. The CW confirms that CW Seed will launch a new animated series set within the universe, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, featuring a gay lead with a voice to be cast for eventual live-action debut.

‘Arrow,’ ‘Flash,’ ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Legends’ Step Forward in New Crossover Tease

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 7, 2016 @ 6:58 PM
The CW / CBS
Like The Flash and Arrow before them, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow will up the excitement considerably to stand beside their fellow CW heroes onscreen. Now, we at least know what their feet look like together, as Stephen Amell reprises an old teaser to signal the start of crossover production.

‘Arrow,’ ‘Flash,’ ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Legends’ Crossover Has ‘One Unifying Threat’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 5, 2016 @ 5:38 PM
Warner Bros.
It’d take a pretty big crisis to gather the likes of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (from another universe), leaving The CW to assemble a pretty major threat. And while the big four-way crossover remains well under wraps, it seems one major threat will unite the four, rather than different big bads for each installment.

New ‘Supergirl’ Set Photos Reveal Metropolis, ‘Arrow’ Star and More

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 4, 2016 @ 10:44 AM
Warner Bros. / The CW
Fans are more anxious than ever for a look at Supergirl Season 2, its first on The CW, and with a bonafide Superman, and the Vancouver set brings all kinds of DC goodies. Looks like we’ll see Kara’s version of Metropolis and Luthor Corp in the latest set photos, plus … Stephen Amell?

Watch Matt Ryan Return to ‘Constantine’ With ‘Justice League Dark’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 26, 2016 @ 4:36 PM
DC / Warner Bros.
Arrow showrunners made clear that Matt Ryan’s crossover return to the role of Constantine was a one-off for Season 4, but in lieu of seeing the actor’s take once again, we can at least hear it in the animated Justice League Dark. A new featurette goes behind-the-scenes of the long-awaited adaptation, including Ryan’s return as the chain-smoking demon-fighter.

‘Arrow’ Might Still Use Flashbacks After Season 5, Says Producer

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 25, 2016 @ 10:47 PM
The CW
Among Arrow struggles in recent seasons, the show’s flashback structure has had increasing difficulty connecting to the present, as one Oliver moves toward the killer vigilante of Season 1, and another moves toward the DC hero we know. Season 5 seems to be tackling that disparity head-on, but even as the landmark fifth year completes Oliver’s exile, producers say Season 6 and beyond may yet utilize the flashback structure.

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Trailer Assembles New Team (And Guess Who’s Back!)

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 23, 2016 @ 9:22 PM
The CW
Yes, where once Arrow Season 4 made us wait months for new footage, Season 5 is already here at Comic-Con 2016, with all-new friends. Oliver tries to assemble a new Team Arrow in the first trailer, as a new big bad looms over Star City, and guess who’s back from the grave to join every DC series at once?