Atomic Blonde

16 Great SXSW Films to Keep on Your Radar in 2017

by Britt Hayes 16 hours ago
Dozens of movies play at the SXSW Film Festival every year, making it impossible to see all of them in just eight days. Even if you attended the annual insanity in Austin last week, chances are pretty high that you missed at least a few good movies. And if you’re a cinephile who skipped the fest entirely (congrats on your sleep), you might be wondering which films are worth putting on your radar. Lucky for the sleepless and the well-rested alike, we’ve put together a handy list featuring some of the best films from SXSW 2017.

‘Atomic Blonde’ Review: More Bond Than ‘Blonde Wick,’ And That’s Not a Knock

by Britt Hayes March 13, 2017 @ 8:13 PM
Focus Features
Atomic Blonde is an easy sell: It’s Charlize Theron in a stylish spy thriller from one-half of the directing duo behind John Wick. But the first solo directorial effort from David Leitch is a little more James Bond than Blonde Wick — James Blonde, maybe, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s certainly more plot-driven (and at times, slightly convoluted) than John Wick, but no less enjoyable, and though the action scenes are every bit as awesome as you’d hope, it’s not quite the film you might be expecting.

Charlize Theron Gets Her Own ‘John Wick’ as a Killing Machine in ‘Atomic Blonde’ Restricted Trailer

by Erin Whitney March 10, 2017 @ 10:38 AM
Teasers trailer and trailers for trailers are often superfluous and repetitive. But when Universal dropped two brief looks at Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde earlier this week, I was HYPED. Now the first full trailer has arrived, a restricted NSFW version that has a couple of F-bombs and a sex scene. How awesome is the above trailer? I kid you not, I squealed at my computer screen for about three-fourths of it. Then I watched it again. I’ll let you do the same, come back once you’ve finished.

Charlize Theron Is a Deadly Spy in First ‘Atomic Blonde’ Teasers and Photos

by Erin Whitney March 8, 2017 @ 1:06 PM
In Summer of 2015 we entered the era of Charlize Theron, Badass Action Star, and that was only the beginning. Following her Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, Theron is on her way to becoming the ruthless action hero the movies need with her villain in the upcoming The Fate of the Furious and now Atomic Blonde.