The ‘Ben-Hur’ Remake Goes Into Production in Italy
From the director of ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,’ comes an all-new ‘Ben-Hur!’ No, for reals. The chariots are off and running as Paramount and MGM announced today that production on their remake of William Wyler’s classic Bible epic ‘Ben-Hur’ is…
‘Ben-Hur’ Casts Rodrigo Santoro as Jesus Christ
This ‘Ben-Hur’ remake is collecting quite an impressive cast—Jack Huston is set to play the lead role, with Toby Kebbell, Pedro Pascal, and Morgan Freeman in supporting roles. And now the film has finally found its Jesus in ‘300’ star Rodrigo Santoro. The guyȁ…
‘Ben-Hur’ Remake Casts Jack Huston in the Title Role
Although it was rumored that Tom Hiddleston was being eyed for the leading role in director Timur Bekmambetov's upcoming remake of 'Ben-Hur,' it seems the epic redo has found its leading man: 'Boardwalk Empire' star Jack Huston. Oh, sorry, guess you might not recognize him u…
‘Ben-Hur’ Remake Has Eyes for Tom Hiddleston
A remake of 'Ben-Hur' has been in development for a little while now, with a planned release date in early 2016. And now the new film from director Timur Bekmambetov is eyeing the fiercely awesome Tom Hiddleston to take the reigns of the chariot in the leading role.

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