Best of 2013

The 10 Best TV Shows of 2013!
The 2013 year in TV has come and gone, bringing with it some of the best, and worst the small screen has to offer. Arrows flew, weddings splashed on a bit of red, and others left us with “Baby Blue.” We took a look back at the best TV of 2013, some by virtue of […]
The Best Movie Trailers of 2013
There's a lot that goes into promoting a film and getting an audience excited for an upcoming release, but when it comes down to it, it's all about the trailer. The trailer sets the tone of the film, gives us a peek at the action and the stars, teases the story and leaves us desperate for …
The Worst Movies of 2013 According to Rotten Tomatoes
Don't cry, Jaden, 'After Earth' wasn't that bad. OK, so, maybe it was that bad.
Based on the cumulative scores for the year, Rotten Tomatoes has revealed the 10 worst movies of 2013, and, yes, Jaden Smith's on-screen team up with his dad, Will Smith, made the cut. What else i…
The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2013
While there were certainly some eye-rollers (looking at you, 'The Purge' and 'Lords of Salem'), there were plenty of fantastic horror movies that scared us, thrilled us, and made us totally uncomfortable. From the major releases to lesser-known indies, we're counting down th…
The 10 Best ‘SNL’ Skits of 2013
For the first time in years, there was no real star among the cast. But, despite all that, 'SNL' proved resilient and continued to deliver some truly hilarious sketches. We took a look back at the past year to find the absolute 10 best 'SNL' skits of 2013

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