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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2 Review: The ‘Breaking Bad’ Prequel Is Sharper Than Ever

by Erin Whitney February 15, 2016 @ 2:40 PM
Ben Leuner/AMC
Bob Odenkirk‘s Jimmy McGill is a character of continually shifting morals. In the first season of Vince Gilligan‘s ‘Better Call Saul’ we got to know the man who would go on to become ‘Breaking Bad‘s shady criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. Circa 2002 in Albuquerque, New Mexico Jimmy was a nobody working as a public defender, a one-man law firm who (mostly) tried to do the right thing. But the first season also hinted at his underlying con man persona, Slippin’ Jimmy, the nickname given to him as a kid for faking car accident injuries and conning drivers into paying him to keep quiet. In the season two premiere of ‘Better Call Saul’ we see even more fragments of a man riding ethical lines, further revealing Jimmy as the most complex character to emerge out of the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe next to Walter White.

Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ Get a ‘Mythbusters’ Vindication for Walt’s M-60

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 26, 2015 @ 5:18 PM
The first time around, Breaking Bad’s scientific approach ended up floundering on the Mythbusters, disproving both Walt’s famous mercury blowout and the iconic acid tub. Now, creator Vince Gilligan finally scores a “Plausible,” as Mythbusters tests the Breaking Bad finale’s famous M-60 rig.

Break Out the Barrels, We Cooked Up Another Batch of ‘Breaking Bad’ Facts

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 19, 2015 @ 1:24 PM
Breaking Bad might have shown us Heisenberg’s final stand long ago, but any good chemist can attest, there’s always more knowledge to be gained. Rev up the RV and break out the hazmat suits, we’ve cooked up another batch of Breaking Bad facts for the 20th episode of ‘You Think You Know TV?’!

10 ‘Breaking Bad’ Facts Cooked Up to Prove You Are The One Who Knows

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 1, 2015 @ 11:56 AM
Breaking Bad successfully turned Mr. Chips into Scarface, but did you know that AMC wanted Matthew Broderick or John Cusack for the role of Walter White? Or that Jesse was supposed to die in Season 1? These are just some of the crystal blue persuasions from the thirteenth episode of ‘You Think You Know TV?,’ which cooks up a new batch for AMC’s Breaking Bad!

‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul to Lead Hulu Religion Drama ‘The Way’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick June 17, 2015 @ 11:33 AM
Breaking Bad fans have looked on Aaron Paul’s TV future with great interest, including through Netflix’s BoJack Horseman, but at last the erstwhile Jesse Pinkman has cooked up his next big series, bitch. Paul today joins Jason Katims’ new Hulu drama The Way, alongside True Detective star Michelle Monaghan.

10 ‘Better Call Saul’ Facts to Break Bad By

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 20, 2015 @ 1:08 PM
AMC’s Better Call Saul carries on quite a few traditions from its Breaking Bad predecessor, but did you know Saul’s prequel journey was originally envisioned as a half-hour comedy? Or that some of Walter White’s famous threads put in a cameo six years before their origin? These are just some of the criminal facts to uncover in the seventh episode of ‘You Think You Know TV?,’ which lawyers up to defend AMC’s Better Call Saul!

‘Breaking Bad’ Gets Its Own Crazy ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Tribute

by Britt Hayes May 18, 2015 @ 6:48 PM
Thanks to the Rockstar Edition of Grand Theft Auto V, fans are now able to record and edit their own gameplay footage, which has yielded some rather creative results. We’ve seen fans pay tribute to movies an TV shows using The Sims, but GTA gives players some options they don’t really have in the world of The Sims — stuff like car-jackings and guns and, you know, general violence and gritty characters. Stuff you need to make a solid Breaking Bad tribute, for instance.

‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Finally Reveals What Happened to Huell

by Britt Hayes May 14, 2015 @ 8:20 PM
Vince Gilligan pulled off a rare feat with the series finale of Breaking Bad, further cementing the show’s status as one of the best television series of all-time with a conclusion that was not only satisfactory for the audience, but one that felt like a choice that satisfied Gilligan. It’s not often that a showrunner can bring everything together so beautifully in a way that leaves both them and the audience feeling fulfilled. But there was one lingering question following the finale: Whatever happened to Huell?

100 Interesting TV Facts You May Not Know

by Kevin Fitzpatrick April 29, 2015 @ 7:52 AM
NBC / AMC / Showtime / FOX
Well hello there, TV super-fan! Did you know that Breaking Bad breakout Jesse Pinkman was almost killed off in Season 1? How about that Joss Whedon hated the original Buffy theme song, or Curb Your Enthusiasm served as a murder alibi? Can you imagine LOST starring Michael Keaton? Why yes, we ​do​ have more where that came from!