Bruce Willis

Way Back When: Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis made himself a household name as the ass-kicking John McClane in 1988's 'Die Hard,' and he's been a presence on the big screen ever since. In today's Way Back When, we take you back to a time before you knew Bruce Willis' face.
Watch This: What if ‘Looper’ Was a Disney Movie From the 1990s?
After all this time thinking that Rian Johnson's 'Looper' was an original concept, it turns out we were wrong. The sci-fi film featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt tasked with killing his future self, played by Bruce Willis, has been done before...and with the same actors. In fact, footage has been posted…
‘Die Hard 5′ First Look: See John McClane and Son in Action
'Die Hard 5' (or 'A Good Day to Die Hard' as it's properly known) is an actual movie that's actually happening. We would've thought 'Live Free or Die Hard' would've been the end of the franchise but after spending time with his daughter, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is back to team up with his son, J…

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