Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling Claims Oscar Diversity Controversy is ‘Racist to Whites’

by Charles Bramesco January 22, 2016 @ 8:53 AM
British actress Charlotte Rampling was one of the lower-profile performers to secure a nomination at this year’s Academy Awards, impressing voters with her devastating and controlled performance in Andrew Haigh’s relationship drama 45 Years. Ms. Rampling is currently sixty-nine years old, which is to say she was born in 1946 and came of age during the ’50s and ’60s — a different time, to be sure. Like many individuals at a relatively older age, she reflects the social norms of her era, many of which society has since advanced past. Older folks sometimes express opinions that younger generations find objectionable, and while such comments ought not to be excused outright, they also must be considered within the cultural context from they originated.

National Society of Film Critics Names ‘Spotlight’ Best Film of the Year

by Charles Bramesco January 4, 2016 @ 11:20 AM
Open Road Films
The National Society of Film Critics, a group made up of fifty-three of the most esteemed, elite American film critics, recently convened for their 50th annual meeting to determine the finest films, performances, as well as other assorted creative...

'Dexter' Final Season Spoilers: Dr. Evelyn Vogel's True Role Revealed?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick June 11, 2013 @ 3:59 PM
For months now we've known that 'Dexter''s eighth and final season would feature Charlotte Rampling as visiting neuropsychiatrist Dr. Evelyn Vogel, arriving to assist Miami Metro with a case. Naturally, she finds herself fixated on the psychopathic Dexter Morgan, but does the character's significance run much deeper? What new spoilers from 'Dexter' season 8 have emerged that add a tremendous piece to the puzzle?

'Dexter' Final Season Preview: Will Dr. Evelyn Vogel Catch the Bay Harbor Butcher?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 28, 2013 @ 10:15 PM
Now that 'Dexter's upcoming eighth season has been confirmed as the final year for Miami's most famous fictional serial killer, the pieces have begun to fall into place for the Showtime drama's ultimate endgame. Perhaps most crucial of all to that endgame is Charlotte Rampling's Dr. Eveyln Vogel, a neuropsychiatrist with a fixation on Dexter Morgan, and the subject of 'Dexter's latest final season preview!

'Dexter' Season 8: Charlotte Rampling to Play New Criminal Profiler

by Kevin Fitzpatrick January 24, 2013 @ 1:45 PM
Showtime / Ernesto Ruscio, Getty Images
While no decision has yet been made about a final season of 'Dexter,' fans of the Showtime serial killer series were elated to learn that 'Dexter' season 8 would premiere in June ahead of its usual September airdate, helping to launch the network's new Liev Schrieber drama 'Ray Donovan.' Along with the early launch date, Showtime revealed two new recurring characters crucial to the final season, one of which has now been identifed as actress Charlotte Rampling. Will the new blood be the one to finally take 'Dexter' down? Find out the latest 'Dexter' season 8 casting news inside!