Cosplay of the Day

Cosplay of the Day: Set Sail With Witty Jack
It's strange to think that a decade ago Captain Jack Sparrow wasn't really a "thing." But after four 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies and one on the way, an update to the original theme-park ride and plenty of merchandising, Sparrow has become a household name.…
Cosplay of the Day: Jack Frost Keeps It Cool
Today's Cosplay of the Day features the oh-so-cool Guardian, Jack Frost, from 'Rise of the Guardians.' This fun-loving spirit looks like the very essence of winter, and has the white hair and pale complexion to go with his season. Strap on your skates and let's check him out.
Cosplay of the Day: The Rocketeer Flies Again
We've already featured the Rocketeer before, but we wanted to showcase an American hero on the Fourth of July who wasn't Captain America, so the limelight falls on him again! And besides ... what's not to like about a stunt pilot who flies around fighting Nazis?

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