Drafthouse Films

Review: ‘I Declare War’
In 'I Declare War,' a pretend game of war between kids goes way too far when one over-zealous boy takes the rules into his own hands. An intense rivalry develops as PK, the general from one camp, tries to adhere to the rules and play an honorable game, while the smarmy Skinner from the opposing camp…
‘Miami Connection’ Review
Sight and Sound Magazine: it's time for a recount in your decennial poll. 'Miami Connection' is clearly the greatest film ever made -- at least on whatever planet it came from. Hilarious yet oddly touching, goofy yet totally sincere, this is one of the most entertainingly bizarre movies I've ever se…
‘The ABCs of Death’ Review
G is for Gimmick
But gimmicks are not necessarily a bad thing. 'The ABCs of Death' (which could also be called '26 Ways to Barf') is the mother of all horror anthologies, collecting 26 short films, each from a different director, all representing a different way to bite it.
‘Wake in Fright’ Trailer: A Long Lost Classic Returns
Drafthouse Films may be fine purveyors of schlock, but they also know a thing or two about genuinely great movies. How else do you explain them acquiring the rights to 'Wake in Fright,' a 1971 Cannes Film Festival champion that seemingly vanished off the face of the planet in the decades after its u…

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