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The People Made Some Questionable Choices at the People’s Choice Awards

by Charles Bramesco 3 days ago
Jason Merritt, Getty Images
The people have been making some pretty questionable choices for themselves as of late. Some big politics thing is happening tomorrow, there’s that, and last night marked the 43rd Annual People‘s Choice Awards, the populist awards program that does away with the snooty prestige of the Oscars. The evening delivered some rather eyebrow-raising results in its recognition of the most widely beloved entertainers of the year, and though none quite confounded on a Trumpian level, the night was full of what we’ll diplomatically call “surprises.”

‘Deadpool’ Is the Most Pirated Movie of 2016

by Emma Stefansky January 2, 2017 @ 4:34 PM
20th Century Fox
When is a superhero movie like Game of Thrones? When it’s the most pirated movie of the year, of course. On a new list of all the movies downloaded from popular torrenting site BitTorrent, the merc with a mouth tops the chart over Batman v. Superman, Captain America: Civil War, and The Force Awakens.

The Best Movie Posters of 2016

by Matt Singer December 2, 2016 @ 11:25 AM
Our ongoing celebration of the best from the world of film in 2016 continues with our ranking of the finest movie posters of the year. In the gallery above you’ll see our picks for the 25 best. They range from massive hits to to tiny indie releases; we decided not to limit our list just to huge commercial successes. We don’t determine a movie’s quality by its box office totals. Why should we determine a poster’s quality that way?

Record Number of Animated Films Eligible for an Oscar This Year

by Emma Stefansky November 11, 2016 @ 5:05 PM
Since the introduction of the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the 74th Academy Awards in 2002, we’ve seen a steady exponential increase in animated movies over the years. Pixar, and, by extent, Disney, has usually dominated the competition, with eight wins out of ten nominations, followed by DreamWorks and Disney’s animation studio. This year, we have a record 27 movies eligible for the award, and while the Academy can pick only five to nominate, for now it’s anyone’s game.

The Tank Gang Makes a Daring Escape in Deleted 'Finding Dory' Scene

by Charles Bramesco October 18, 2016 @ 10:47 AM
This past summer's Finding Dory made a big splash at cineplexes (pardon me while I self-immolate), enchanting kid- and adult-aged viewers alike while running up the year's highest domestic gross. On the unfortunate side, however, the de rigueur short runtime of children's programming meant that some bits of the film had to be left on the cutting room floor like so many discarded fish eyeballs. Today, one lost sequence from Pixar's latest smash has been recovered and brought to the viewing public's attention.

Let’s Explain Why Sequels (And Prequels and Reboots) Obsessed With Explaining Stuff Are Bad

by Matt Singer September 28, 2016 @ 10:33 AM
The following post contains SPOILERS for Blair Witch, Jason Bourne, Spectre, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Oh my God, Phantom Menace spoilers! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Get Ready to Discover Some Amazing ‘Finding Dory’ Facts

by Matt Singer September 20, 2016 @ 11:43 AM
By now, Finding Dory is one of the biggest hits in the history of Pixar. But did you know it’s also one of the biggest animated movies of all time and one of the 50 highest grossing films of any kind ever? That’s just one of the facts we found in the depths of the internet for this new episode of You Think You Know Movies!

Five Lessons Hollywood Can Learn From a Crappy Summer at the Movies

by Matt Singer July 8, 2016 @ 8:49 AM
20th Century Fox
I have a dream job. What could be better than watching and talking about movies for a living? Nothing; the answer is nothing. But lately my job has been a lot less fun than normal, because the movies themselves have been a lot less fun. Quite frankly, this summer sucks.