Friends With Kids

'Friends With Kids' Review

by Jordan Hoffman March 9, 2012 @ 9:45 AM
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The decision whether or not to procreate is one of the biggest ones we'll ever make. Much as it is recommended not to go to the supermarket when hungry, lest you make a poor choice, you should also put aside that call to the vasectomy clinic after a long flight amidst screaming toddlers.
The two leads in Jennifer Westfeldt's peculiarly entertaining film 'Friends With Kids', Adam Scott and Westfeldt herself, are platonic best friends who snark their way through life but have a genuine desire for offspring. The problem is they see how the li'l rugrats are ruining the lives of their married friends. Neither Scott nor Westfeldt has found “their one,” but biology being what it is, Westfeldt doesn't have that much time left to be choosy. What they need is a high concept solution that will lead to foibles and, eventually, a fuller appreciation of one another!