Game of Arms

Exclusive 'Game of Arms' Episode 5 Sneak Peek: Mike Selearis and Nick Zinna Pit New York Against Kansas

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 25, 2014 @ 5:09 PM
Fernando Leon / AMC
AMC has gone arms-deep into the world of reality competition with the advent of its latest series 'Game of Arms.' Four episodes into its inaugural season, tonight's all-new fifth installment will pit New York City against Kansas City, as Mike Selearis takes on Nick Zinna, and Tom Nelson faces Cobra Rhodes. Before tonight's epic matchup, we have an exclusive clip and photos of the fifth episode's competitions, from the network behind the likes of ‘The Walking Dead‘ and ‘Breaking Bad."

AMC 'Game of Arms' Sneak Peek: Travis Bagent Prepares to Wrestle Sacramento

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 19, 2014 @ 2:54 PM
We've seen AMC dip its toes into reality competition series before, but now the network behind 'The Walking Dead' and 'Breaking Bad' is going arms deep. AMC's new real-life drama 'Game of Arms' will pin its way onto TV screens beginning February 25, and we have a first look at North American champion Travis Bagent taking us through his home life and preparing to take on challengers from California.