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‘Game of Thrones’ Showrunner Cameos in New ‘Always Sunny’ Promos

by Kevin Fitzpatrick December 19, 2016 @ 5:38 PM
The Always Sunny gang will be back for Season 12 in early January, and we may need a few trips to Paddy’s Pub to make it through this one. Not only do we have a look at the new musical episode in eight (!) new promos for Season 12, but also a visit from Game of Thrones boss David Benioff, and so much more.

The Best TV Shows of 2016 (According to Kevin Fitzpatrick)

by Kevin Fitzpatrick December 16, 2016 @ 1:40 PM
Netflix / HBO / FX
Peak TV grows ever-more crowded in 2016, with hundreds of series competing from Westeros to Westworld, the streets of Harlem, underwater factories and everywhere in between. Join ScreenCrush TV critic Kevin Fitzpatrick to cut through all the clutter, and rank the very Best TV Shows of 2016!

‘Game of Thrones’ Author Thinks ‘Westworld’ Will Win Golden Globes

by Kevin Fitzpatrick December 15, 2016 @ 12:19 PM
The Golden Globes are notoriously harder to predict than the Emmys (at least for TV), and one wonders if the HFPA will continue to reward new series, despite Game of Thrones finishing one of its best years. It’s all in the family for HBO, at least, as George R.R. Martin thinks Westworld might win out over Season 6.

Peter Vaughan, ‘Game of Thrones’ Star, Dies at 93

by Kevin Fitzpatrick December 6, 2016 @ 8:42 AM
Although his watch had since ended on the series, Game of Thrones fans no doubt remember the inimitable Peter Vaughan, actor behind the wise and enigmatic Maester Aemon. Word now comes that the actor has passed away at age 93, following a distinguished career that also includes the U.K.’s Porridge and Citizen Smith.

Report: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Might Feature UFC’s Conor McGregor

by Kevin Fitzpatrick December 5, 2016 @ 10:43 AM
HBO / Michael Reaves, Getty Images
Now that we’ve finally gotten a first look at Game of Thrones Season 7 footage, it’s worth wondering if the final two years will continue the tradition of famous cameos. One report in particular suggests that UFC favorite Conor McGregor might be getting his hands dirty, but how credible is the rumor?