Gangster Squad

‘Gangster Squad’ May Move to January 2013
Earlier we reported that 'Gangster Squad' may be up for reshoots because of a pivotal scene that has Sean Penn gunning people down in a theater. Whether that scene will survive is unknown, but Warner Brothers is looking to move the picture to January.
What’s That Song in the ‘Gangster Squad’ Trailer?
You might be wondering what a contemporary hip-hop song is doing in a trailer for 'Gangster Squad,' a dramatic action film about gangsters in the 40s. Or you're just rolling with it because the trailer is awesome and that song kicks it pretty hard... What is that song, anyway?
‘Argo’ Bumps ‘Gangster Squad’ Out of October
It's hard to know what to make of Warner Brothers fiddling with their schedule right now. But they've just moved 'Argo' - which stars and was directed by Ben Affleck - from its September 14 release date to October 12. Meanwhile 'Gangster Squad,' the Ruben Fleischer-dire…