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‘Hail, Caesar!’ TV Spot Promises Some Classic Hollywood Shenanigans From the Coen Brothers

by Britt Hayes December 29, 2015 @ 6:08 PM
With the increase in superhero films in recent years, you can practically measure time by each new comic book blockbuster — a superhero film (or two…or three…) for every season. But amid all of 2016's exciting super-offerings, let’s not forget a few of those other highly-anticipated, non-superhero movies, like the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar, the pair’s first new film since Inside Llewyn Davis…which already feels like a lifetime ago. Insert somber guitar strum.

George Clooney Beefs Up ‘Suburbicon’ Cast with Julianne Moore, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin

by Charles Bramesco December 9, 2015 @ 9:27 AM
Warner Bros.
Don’t play with our hearts like this, Clooney. Academy Award-winning actor and director George Clooney has begun making moves to get a production by the name of Suburbicon up and running, an exciting prospect for movie-industry observers. With a...

‘A Very Murray Christmas’ Trailer Has No Holiday Spirit for ‘Monuments Men’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 17, 2015 @ 10:42 AM
We won’t have to wait long into December for Bill Murray’s upcoming Netflix Christmas special, the aptly-titled A Very Murray Christmas, but it’s never too early for holiday cheer (especially for franchise coffee). In any case, the full star-studded trailer has arrived, including Clooney, Poehler and more, but not Pope Francis, apparently.

George Clooney in Talks to Direct Coen Brothers’ Script ‘Suburbicon’

by Britt Hayes October 25, 2015 @ 9:13 AM
The Coen Brothers’ screenplay for Suburbicon has been in various levels of gestation for a little over a decade now, with George Clooney first voicing his interest in directing the project 10 years ago. Clooney’s had a great track record with the Coens, and if there were anyone whose last name isn’t Coen cut out to direct one of their screenplays, it’s most definitely Clooney, who is once again circling the project.

Bill Murray Decks Netflix Halls in First ‘Very Murray Christmas’ Promo

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 14, 2015 @ 9:52 AM
We know, we know. A few weeks out from Halloween, and already Christmas specials are making their presence known. Still, we’re not ones to question Bill Murray, especially if the first promo for his star-studded, Sofia Coppola-directed Netflix special A Very Murray Christmas lives up to its promise.

Stephen Colbert Sets Scarlett Johansson, Amy Schumer and More for First ‘Late Show’ Week

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 24, 2015 @ 9:32 AM
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
We’re closer than ever to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show debut on September 8, and while George Clooney’s guest appearance gave a marquee head start, the full guest list for Colbert’s full week offers a much clearer view of the new series. Everyone from Jeb Bush to Elon Musk and Amy Schumer will fill out the ranks, with musical guests on deck as well.

Stephen Colbert Announces His First, Most Handsome ‘Late Show’ Guest

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 7, 2015 @ 9:21 AM
No one doubted that Stephen Colbert would put in an appearance on his former Daily Show host’s final hour, but thankfully the future Late Show leader didn’t party too hard afterward. Early Friday, Colbert announced his first Late Show guest for September, none other than the handsomest of handsome, George Clooney.

Bill Murray’s ‘Very Murray Christmas’ Special Heads to Netflix Full of Stars

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 22, 2015 @ 8:49 AM
Granted, it’s May, but when have you ever known Bill Murray to pop up when expected? The revered and eccentric comedian has finally locked down his long-discussed Christmas special with Sofia Coppola sending holiday cheer to Netflix this December with A Very Murray Christmas.