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HBO's 'Girls' "Video Games" Preview: Meet Jessa's Family

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 21, 2013 @ 5:15 PM
HBO / Jessica Miglio
The concepts of 'Girls' and "Video Games" don't usually bring to mind Lena Dunham and her controversial-yet-acclaimed HBO series, but Sunday's all-new episode will take on a new meaning altogether. Once again escaping the confines of Brooklyn as in last year's Michigan-centric "The Return," this Sunday's 'Girls' outing "Video Games" will take Hannah and Jessa to meet the latter's estranged father (Ben Mendelsohn) and his girlfriend (Rosanna Arquette), but how would you like a first look? Get a 'Girls' sneak peek inside!

'Girls' Preview Clips: "One Man's Trash" Is Patrick Wilson's Treasure

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 7, 2013 @ 3:21 PM
Now that all those Super Bowl shenanigans have fallen by the wayside, HBO's 'Girls' will return to its normal Sunday time slot, this week with an extra bit of star power. Sunday's all-new episode "One Man's Trash" will see the debut of 'Watchmen' star Patrick Wilson as a handsome older doctor that catches Hannah (Lena Dunham)'s eye, but will the infatuation last? Check out a new preview from Sunday's 'Girls' to see for yourself!

Ben Affleck and 'Argo' Win Top Prizes at the DGA Awards

by Jacob Hall February 3, 2013 @ 10:13 AM
Warner Bros.
Okay, this is just getting silly -- another major Hollywood award ceremony, another victory for Ben Affleck and 'Argo,' this time at the Director's Guild of America awards. If this was like any other year, Affleck would look like a shoe-in for the Oscar...except that he's not nominated. Which means that Affleck's repeated victories make this year's Academy Awards the hardest to predict in recent memory.

'Girls' Preview: "It's A Shame About Ray" Arrives Early

by Kevin Fitzpatrick February 1, 2013 @ 6:30 PM
As even 'Girls' viewers likely realize, this Sunday's usual TV line-up might have a few more crickets than usual, as most of America tunes in for the Super Bowl (or at least the commercials in between the big game). Thankfully, HBO isn't going to make you choose, airing both 'Girls' and 'Enlightened' a full day early on Saturday, as well as their regular Sunday timeslots. But why wait, even until then? Get a sneak peek of this weekend's all-new 'Girls' episode "It's A Shame About Ray" inside!