The latest 'Godzilla' is a reboot of the classic monster movie, which sees the iconic reptilian beast arise from the ocean and lay waste to humanity. But he's not the only gargantuan creature we'll be seeing in this flick. Godzilla will do battle against multiple other monsters as the people caught in their path struggle to survive.

  • Release Date: May 16, 2014
  • Director: Gareth Edwards
  • Written By: Max Borenstein & Frank Darabont


‘Godzilla’ Clip Features an Epic Monster Showdown
Warner Bros. and Legendary are doing a great job stirring up excitement for 'Godzilla,' and today brings the first official clip from the film, which features the set-up for quite an impressive monstrous showdown -- it also informs us that Godzilla might not be the big baddie of this film …
New ‘Godzilla’ IMAX Poster Looms Over a City Near You
Forget about superheroes: no one is looking to take the box office by storm this summer quite like 'Godzilla,' who remains just as popular and iconic today as he was 60 years ago. The latest entry in the film's brilliantly run marketing campaign is a poster highlighting the film'…
New ‘Godzilla’ Toys Reveal One of Big Guy’s New Adversaries
All of the trailers for director Gareth Edwards' 'Godzilla' played coy with the details, only showing off the bare minimum of the plot and brief glimpses of the King of the Monsters himself. You've got to commend the Warner Bros. marketing team; they're exceptionally good at teasing us. However, one…

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