‘Grimm’ Review: “Once Were Gods”
With last week's revelations that Adalind's baby has been born and that Sgt. Wu has a first name (Drew) out of the way, we're hoping tonight's 'Grimm' steps up its game, though it looks more like a monster of the week episode from the outset. With Monroe and Rosalee prepping a wedding, and Nick's mo…
‘Grimm’ Review: “Mommy Dearest”
Last week resolved one of 'Grimm''s many cliffhanging plots, and it looks like this week will finally bring the birth of Adalind's Royal child. Even so, that doesn't really go any place. No, this episode is notable for finally revealing Sgt. Wu's first name. Read on for…
‘Grimm’ Review: “Revelation”
After an Olympics-inspired break, 'Grimm' returns to pick up where it left off. Will Monroe and Rosalee be able to convince his parents that they're perfect together? Will Nick and Hank be able to catch the latest Wesen serial killer? Will this turn into a three or four-parter? Read o…
‘Grimm’ Review: “The Wild Hunt”
Well, it looks like Monroe and Rosalee are going to make it official, which means this could be the lightest episode of this season of 'Grimm.' But as the couple have been sidelined for much of the season, they deserve a good episode.
‘Grimm’ Review: “The Good Soldier”
After the last couple installments of 'Grimm,' it's nice to know that Monroe and Rosalee get a little more attention in the latest episode, "The Good Soldier." It's been a while since Monroe has been in the spotlight, as he's been pushed to the background f…
‘Grimm’ Review: “Eyes of the Beholder”
Finally, in season three of 'Grimm' we're starting to see Juliette actually do something interesting. Some times it takes an ensemble a while to gel, and perhaps Nick had to keep his secrets from her for at least a season, but now that she knows her partner is a wesen-killer, Juliette…
‘Grimm’ Review: “Red Menace”
After a relatively short winter break, 'Grimm' is back to bust some wesen heads. Though there's nothing all that cliffhangery from the last episode of 2013, which was Christmas-themed, the show still has some dangling plot threads to deal with, like Adalind's pregnancy.
‘Grimm’ Review: “Cold Blooded”
Tonight offers two episodes of 'Grimm' to close out 2013, and hopefully they'll go out strong. First up is "Cold Blooded," and it seems unlikely that's a reference to the Rick James song.

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