‘Grimm’ Review: “El Cucuy”
It's either bold or stupid that 'Grimm' is releasing a new episode the day after Thanksgiving, and it's hard to say which. But we're happy to spend some time with weird Portland people for the holidays, so that's the up side.
‘Grimm’ Review: “One Night Stand”
With almost all of the plot strands from the season premiere wrapped up, we're curious to see what 'Grimm' has up its sleeves for the rest of the season, as we can't tell what's going to be the big season arc this year. Will it be Nick's zombie side, or Adalind's b…
‘Grimm’ Review: “A Dish Best Served Cold”
After two episodes, it looks like 'Grimm' is ready to have a good old-fashioned wesen/killer of the week episode. Not to say we haven't enjoyed the last two weeks, but now that most of the zombie Nick stuff is wrapped up, we want to see what the show is going to do with its characters…
‘Grimm’ Review: “PTZD”
After last week's season opener, we're hoping that 'Grimm' wraps up some of the hanging threadlines. Right now Nick's a superpowered zombie, but hopefully his friends can cure him in this episode, because it's a plot point that can only be stretched so thin.
‘Grimm’ Season Premiere Review: “The Ungrateful Dead”
When we last left Detective Nick Burkhardt he was stuck in a coffin and about to be shipped off to Europe, while Portland had a serious zombie problem just as Juliette was starting to get her memory back and accept Nick as a Grimm. There's a lot of drama going on in 'Grimm' and the se…

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