Hell's Kitchen

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “2 Chefs Compete”
There are three chefs remaining in 'Hell's Kitchen,' but only two spots available to compete for the title of head chef at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Las Vegas. Will it be the talented but loud (so loud!) Dana, the strong Christina, or the confident Justin?
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “5 Chefs Compete”
Last week's 'Hell's Kitchen' brought the inevitable (and long overdue) elimination of Robyn, leaving the remaining five chefs to celebrate her absence. But with only five chefs left, the competition is getting more intense, as evidenced by this week's challenge, when the che…
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “6 Chefs Compete”
After a two-week break, 'Hell's Kitchen' has finally returned! With only six chefs remaining, we're getting down to the best of the best... and Robyn. The chefs have ditched their team colors and united under the black and white chef jackets. Who will be eliminated this week? And…
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “7 Chefs Compete”
With only seven chefs left on 'Hell's Kitchen,' things are finally starting to clear up in the kitchen. The strong chefs are making themselves known (Dana), while the weak ones are dropping like flies (Robyn, your time is coming). Shockingly, Chef Ramsay sent the competent Kimmie packing instead of …
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “8 Chefs Compete”
When we last left our chefs in 'Hell's Kitchen,' Tiffany was given the boot for her lack of passion and incompetence as a leader in the kitchen. Robyn is still a drama monger, creating plenty of conflict in the blue kitchen and unable to own up to her mistakes.
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “8 Chefs Compete”
When last we left our cooks in 'Hell's Kitchen,' Clemenza was in danger of being kicked out of the kitchen for his sloppy dishes -- including a quail with bones still in it. And all of this before one of the cooks' most important dinner services has even begun!
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “9 Chefs Compete”
Previously on 'Hell's Kitchen,' Robin was sent to the men's team, where she proved herself a more valuable cook, but still couldn't lead the blue team to victory. The red team flourished without Robyn creating excess conflict in their kitchen, and Royce was finally sent pack…

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