Hell's Kitchen

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “12 Chefs Compete”
In both the blue and red kitchens resentments are building and alliances are forming, but nothing quite as two-faced as the way Patrick tells Clemenza he's on his side, then admits in the one-on-one interviews that he's gunning to get him eliminated. Welcome back to 'Hell's Kitch…
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “15 Chefs Compete”
While the men celebrate their success from their most recent victory, the two most volatile women on the ladies' team -- Kimmie and Tiffany -- commiserate over Barbie, who they believe should have been sent home. More drama? More drama! Welcome back to 'Hell's Kitchen.'
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “17 Chefs Compete”
This week on 'Hell's Kitchen' it was much ado about scallops as no one could seem to cook these delicious sea boogers quite right. There was yelling. There was crying over mashed potatoes. And we know you considered making scallops for dinner because nothing else made sense.
‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Review: “18 Chefs Compete”
We hope you guys are ready for the return of hot-headed chef Gordon Ramsay. He's back for the 10th (!) season of 'Hell's Kitchen,' in which cooks will compete to win the ultimate prize: the chance to run one of Ramsay's own signature restaurants. But can they survive Ramsay&…