‘Homeland’ Season 3: What Characters Will Return?
Oh, how we love when a season finale proves every bit as literally explosive as people claim. But for 'Homeland' season 2 finale "The Choice," the explosion in question left a number of holes in the cast, and even more questions how the show will re-invent itself going into a third season …
‘Homeland’ Season 3: What’s Next for Carrie and Brody?
For a roller coaster of a 'Homeland' season that took us from Israel to an interrogation room, to Gettsburg and back, one of TV's best dramas came to a bloody end with a literal and figurative bang last night. And even though 'Homeland' season 2 didn't end on quite as big a cliffhanger as the Emmy-w…
‘Homeland’ Review: “In Memoriam”
Following last week's abrupt cliffhanger, 'Homeland' keeps the momentum going this week, and it looks like Saul is in some hot water with the CIA -- you guys might actually really like him when he's angry.

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