Kevin Biegel

'Cougar Town' Showrunner Bill Lawrence Steps Down, Tells Fans to "Chill"

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 17, 2012 @ 1:21 AM
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Be ready, you might need a little bit of wine to wash this one down.  While 'Cougar Town' fans were overjoyed to learn that the cul de sac crew would return for a forth season (albeit on new network TBS), it seems one key member won't be taking the trip along with them.  But what does it mean for the future of the show, and who might depart along with them?

'Cougar Town' Interview: Co-Creator Kevin Biegel on the Move to TBS

by Damon Houx May 14, 2012 @ 7:07 AM
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The story is that Bill Lawrence was throwing ideas for bad sitcoms around the writers room at 'Scrubs.' As cougars - the idea of older women hooking up with younger men - were a popular meme in pop culture, Lawrence threw out the idea of 'Cougar Town.' Lawrence and Kevin Biegel ran with it, and the rest is history.
Co-creator/writer/executive producer Biegel and the entirety of the 'Cougar Town' crew had to deal with a year where they didn't know if they'd have a future, but Thursday it was announced the show would be moving to TBS for at least two more seasons, getting the show to a syndication friendly 100 episodes. We got a chance to talk exclusively with Kevin about the show and the move. Check it out...