Marvel Studios

‘The Avengers’ Review
Since the first of the Marvel Studios pictures - 2008's 'Iron Man' - part of the fun has been following the breadcrumbs leading to a potential team-up that, by all rights, seemed impossible. The Avengers would assemble, they told us, and we all said, “sure, I'll believe it …
Will Black Widow Be in ‘Iron Man 3′ or What?
With Marvel Studios gearing up to begin shooting 'Iron Man 3' in a few weeks, one of the biggest questions regarding the film has been whether Scarlett Johansson would return as Black Widow. Well, the actress has now ended the speculation.
Does Marvel Have an Animated Movie in the Works?
It's reasonable to assume that Disney's purchase of Marvel Studios three years ago -- with Pixar also under the Disney umbrella -- could eventually lead to a Marvel animated movie. The idea has been strenuously denied for a while...but there are hints it may happening after all.

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