Matt Damon

Matt Damon Says He Would Be the Superhero Ben Affleck Deserves
Matt Damon has done a lot of things: He’s played a super spy, a con-man, an informant, an astronaut, a genius, and all sorts of fun characters who could also be action figures. The one thing he hasn’t done yet is play a superhero, and according to the star of Jason Bourne, that’…
New ‘Jason Bourne’ Clips Crash Cars and Break Faces
Here at ScreenCrush, we’ve made no secret of the fact that we think 2016 has been a disappointing year for summer movies. With everything from The BFG to Warcraft: The Beginning struggling in theaters, the evidence is stacking up that 2016 might be the worse year for summer movies, ever. Stil…
Watch Matt Damon Prank People for a Good Cause
“The call is for you.” A stranger drops a phone in your lap. It starts ringing. You answer to a man’s voice but he calls you Steven. He sounds desperate. “I’m gonna ask you something and I need the answer to be yes.” You’re not Steven. What do you do?
‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer: Jason Bourne Is Back in Action
After an unfortunate break (yes, we’re looking at you The Bourne Legacy), Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne in the coincidentally titled Jason Bourne. Today, the first full Jason Bourne trailer has arrived, and it promises a welcome return for our favorite CIA assassin with amnesia.…

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