Matthew Perry

Could This BE Any More 10 Facts About ‘Friends’?
NBC’s Friends may have given us one of the last great three-camera sitcoms, but might it have been so successful under the original title, Insomnia Café? Or with Jon Cryer as Chandler? Find an extra capable of working the espresso machine, as the 33rd episode of ‘You Think You Kno…
Matthew Perry to Remake ‘The Odd Couple’ at CBS
On a day when movies and TV alike confront a bit of self-doubt in over-stuffing superhero films and retreading major classics, this industry is nothing, if not consistent. Next up for the remake treatment is Neil Simon classic 'The Odd Couple' for CBS, starring perennial 'Friends&apos…
NBC’s ‘Go On’ Canceled, Irony Fully Achieved
Well, so much for NBC's 2012 lineup. After yesterday putting 'Guys With Kids' and '1600 Penn' in the ground, NBC's Matthew Perry-fronted 'Go On' has officially been given the axe. Irony jokes aside, we had hoped Perry might finally find post-'Friends&apos…
Way Back When: Matthew Perry
You know him best as Chandler Bing, king of sarcasm on 'Friends,' but in today's Way Back When, we take a look at Matthew Perry before he became one of our TV BFFs.

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