Mike O'Malley

'Justified' Season 4 Casts 'Glee' Star Mike O'Malley as New Villain

by Kevin Fitzpatrick January 23, 2013 @ 12:15 PM
Appearing in everything from 'Yes, Dear' to recurring as 'Glee's' patron saint of TV dads Burt Hummel, Mike O'Malley is altogether known for his blue-collar characters, frequently with hearts of gold. The actor's fans may be in for a bit of a shock in the next few weeks, however, as we've learned that O'Malley will appear in an upcoming episode of 'Justified' season 4 acting none-too-friendly! The 'Glee' star will portray a member of the Dixie mafia at odds with Raylan Givens, but how long will he stick around? Get the latest 'Justified' scoop inside!