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Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle Punishes Crime in New ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Set Photos

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 9, 2015 @ 5:26 PM
Marvel / Netflix / AMC
Daredevil Season 2 has been relatively quiet over the last few weeks, most attention focused on the second of our Defenders, Jessica Jones, but Jon Bernthal’s Punisher just stole the spotlight in a huge way. Watch Frank Castle kicking criminal ass in punishing new set photos from Daredevil Season 2!

The Wachowski’s Netflix ‘Sense8’ Renewed for Season8 … Er, Season 2

by Kevin Fitzpatrick August 9, 2015 @ 4:19 PM
Fans of Netflix’s globe-spanning mindtrip drama Sense8 were put on edge by the fact that the streaming service brought the Wachowski-led series to the recent TCA press tour without news of a Season 2 renewal, but never fear. You, and all seven of your other selves will enjoy a second season of Sense8 in 2016, per the official order.

Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Goes Gritty in Official Logo, Confirms Rosario Dawson Crossover

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 31, 2015 @ 7:47 PM
Marvel / Netflix
More and more details of Marvel’s Netflix Jessica Jones have been trickling out over the last few days, and while we strangely lack any actual photos, visuals are starting to shape up. Not only has the second Netflix Defender gained an official new logo, but so too have producers confirmed an appearance from Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple.

Marvel’s Netflix ‘Luke Cage’ Will Fight Cornell Cottonmouth in First Episode

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 31, 2015 @ 3:15 PM
Marvel Comics / Getty Images
Marvel’s Netflix Defenders have let Jessica Jones out of the box a bit by the latest details, but already production may be gearing up on Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, if we’re to have a new series every six months. The first villain Marvel’s hero for hire will face has reportedly been revealed, and should be familiar to Power Man readers.

Rumor: That Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ TV Series (Or 3) Heads to Netflix

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 30, 2015 @ 1:31 PM
Disney / Lucasfilm
The notion of a live-action Star Wars TV series is something of a perpetual-motion machine, spinning in circles year after year. Granted, the same was once true of a seventh Star Wars film, but strap yourselves in: that most recent rumor of a live-action Star Wars TV series might have mutated into a trio of new Netflix shows.

Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Bosses Talk Power Reduction, ‘Daredevil’ Comparisons

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 30, 2015 @ 12:21 AM
AMC / Marvel / Netflix
Netflix’s appearance at the TCA press tour didn’t yield an official premiere date for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, though showrunner Melissa Rosenberg was only too happy to share Netflix’s next Defender. Not only do we have a sense of how Jessica Jones’ powers will translate to the MCU, but also how the second series will distinguish itself from the darker Daredevil.

10 ‘House of Cards’ Facts to Whip Your Netflix Vote

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 29, 2015 @ 10:24 AM
Netflix's House of Cards seems tailor-made for the intricacy of American politics, but did you know the series originated in the U.K., or as a book before that? Or that much of the series subs in Baltimore, Maryland for Washington D.C.? Mind the train tracks for our 17th episode of ‘You Think You Know TV?,’ which claws up the political food chain for Netflix's House of Cards!

‘Bloodline’ Season 2 Will Return Ben Mendelsohn as a Regular, Despite … Uh ...

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 28, 2015 @ 7:51 PM
Among Netflix’s original fare, it’d be hard to argue that Bloodline proved a breakout hit with either critics or viewers, though the streaming site isn’t generally one to let things go (cough, Marco Polo). Most curious of all however, after Bloodline’s Season 2 renewal, Ben Mendelsohn is confirmed to return as a series regular, despite … well …

Rumor Buster: No, ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Is Not Teasing a Gladiator Appearance

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 28, 2015 @ 3:05 PM
Marvel / Twitter
Daredevil Season 2 production in NYC naturally has fans in a tizzy, while recent and upcoming announcements eagerly tease the 2016 future of Marvel’s first Defender. One recent suggestion making the rounds however, must be stopped. No, Daredevil is not teasing that Melvin Potter will go full “Gladiator” in Season 2, even though he certainly still could. Confused? Let us explain.

Netflix’s Bill Cosby Standup Special Not ‘Appropriate’ for Release, Says Boss

by Kevin Fitzpatrick July 28, 2015 @ 1:21 PM
Jemal Countess, Getty Images
Prior to the many pieces, victims and testimony cementing Bill Cosby’s status as a reviled public figure, the comedian had almost reached the cusp of a comeback, planning a new NBC series and a Netflix standup special. Netflix was quick to shelve plans to release the special once Cosby’s deeds became a national focus, and now the streaming service doesn’t ever believe it “appropriate” to air.